Empress of China
Empress of China

Although we may appear to be just another luxurious spa, we are a lot more than that. Our main focus is on providing you with the finest, most effective and most professional therapeutic Massage.

We are Innovative… And one massage does not fit all. Our highly-qualified massage therapists assess each person on a case-by-case basis to find what options will benefit you the most.

Relax, breathe… Stretch, let go of the stress, aches and pains… and breathe again. We pride ourselves on our long list of satisfied clients.

Clean and fresh… Our linens are freshly laundered at our facility thereby assuring that each session provides draping that is clean and fresh with continually exchanged air and constant temperature is occasionally enhanced with Nagchampa incense.

We also have other services that you can enhance your experience with us, such as adding 'Hot Stones", "Back Walking", "Thai Mssage", etc., at an additional fee. Come in and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Foot Reflexology is a good way to relax and balance you body’s energy, the entire body is represented in the sole of your feet, by pressing in certain areas of the feet it will have effects on specific areas of the body, bringing the entire body into balance and relaxation.

First, we submerge your feet in warm water with a special Chinese medicine, while your feet starts the relaxation process, we start relaxing you with a face and scalp massage, and depending on the length of your session we also will relax your arm and hands, then, after working on your feet, we spend the last few minutes with acupressure techniques on your back.

Doesn’t that sound relaxing already? Well, if you haven’t tried it, make an appointment today to make sure we have a spot for you, but we take walk-ins as well.

60 Minutes for $35

80 Minutes for $50


Want even more relaxation or have other areas you want to focus on? Why not try our Body Massage Services, give us an hour or two and just relax and forget about your daily troubles, consider it your vacation that you so deserve.

Our Body Massage session is a blend of Asian and Western techniques, although it may vary from therapist to therapist, you will be able to relax and leave all your stress on the table, our licensed massage therapist will use the necessary techniques according to your needs, pressure desired, etc.

So, stop reading and give us a call, you have nothing to loose but your stress!

30 Minutes for $40

60 Minutes for $60

90 Minutes for $85

120 Minutes for $115


Our combo packages are the most popular ones, you get to try the best of both worlds so to speak, and this is relaxation at its best, that way you will not feel left out.

Come in and feel like a King/Queen for an hour or two, or even buy it for that special someone, or even better, come in with that special someone, it is the best thing you can do for your health and well being with out breaking the bank!

30/30 Minutes for $45

45/45 Minutes for $75

Hot Stone: $10/hr-Foot $15/hr-Body

Thai Massage Available

4 Hand Massage Available
Empress of China
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