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Empress of China has a highly experienced, talented group of licensed massage therapists who are committed to provide clients with high quality massage therapy, in our excellent facility.

Each one of our therapists is committed to quality service and encouraged to be innovative, as well as to develop and enhance their style and nature talents to give you the best massage possible.

We offer comfortable and pleasing surroundings that offer you soothing relaxation. Our Goal is to treat each client as a unique person and will work our best to give the best therapeutic massage that is right for you.

Empress of China is located outer 610 Loop, close to the Galleria and Memorial area. At the Empress of China we have for your comfort, individual massage rooms as well as a shower in our facility.

We hope you enjoy our best massage services and find something different while you are here in Empress of China.

Every therapist is licensed and trained on several modalities; Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage are some basic well known modalities that are explain below, in addition, our therapist are trained on other Asian Modalities that can be beneficial to all.

Swedish massage… The best-known massage technique. It uses long flowing strokes, kneading strokes and percussion in a slow rhythmic motion. Its aim is to relieve stress, loosen muscles and increase range of motion as well as improve lymphatic drainage.

Deep Tissue Massage… Deep Tissue Massage has proven to be a very effective massage technique, which is directed specifically to individual muscle fibers. Its purpose is to realign the fibers of a muscle while releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, removing toxins, relaxing, soothing and thereby re-educating, as well as encouraging the muscle to operate at full capacity. It is both corrective and therapeutic.

Sports Massage… Sports Massage is done during or in between training days. Its aim is to work on chronic problems that the athlete may be experiencing as well as relieving any soreness and reducing lactic acid buildup that might occur during training.

Tip #1: Make sure to drink water before and after your session, that will enhance your overall experience as it will help your body get rid of the toxins that where pushed around during the massage, failure to drink water may result on nausea, headache, and flu like symptoms, so as to avoid that, drink some water!

Tip #2 Don’t over drink water, although water is good for the body, drinking too much at once is not, you can end up in the Hospital, don’t drawn your Kidneys!

Tip #3 It is best to call ahead for an appointment to assure availability at the time you need your massage, but we also take walk-ins upon availability.
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